1 Life 2 Live Health and Safety Training, LLC

"Saving lives 30 compressions at a time!"

Onsite Training

Have you ever thought about hosting a safety training event? Host a class for your staff, community, church, troop or family! Certification cards will be emailed directly to the students within 24-48 hours after the completed course.

Benefits of Onsite Training:
  • Huge discounts and less hassle bringing everyone together by having the instructor come to you.
  •  Class agendas designed to meet all your training needs.
  • Flexibility of location, hours and dates (including Saturdays)
  • Students will learn the same protocols at the same time, which eliminates confusion in a emergency situation
  • Direct interaction and communication with your instructor prior to and after your training
  • (Pre-registration & Pre-payment required)

*There are 3 requirements for onsite training. If all 3 aren't met, there will be additional charges added to the final invoice*

Groups of 6

$25.00 small group fee for under 6 people

Within Marion County

Outside of Marion
$25 Travel Fee
$50 Travel Fee - IL/KY/OH

Pre-purchased Student Workbooks 

Books found here: