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EMR Training Indianapolis & Richmond, Indiana -

*** This course is 40 to 52 hours long ***

National Safety Council

If you are looking for first aid training for Emergency Medical Service personnel, there is no better course on the market. The NSC Emergency Medical Response program offers the most authoritative first aid training on the market. This course reflects the National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards and Emergency Medical Responder Guidelines.

Emergency Medical Response Training

The best training for rescue personnel The NSC Emergency Medical Response course is based on the most recent national EMS education standards and instructional guidelines - delivering content essential for emergency response teams, safety personnel, fire, police and ambulance personnel, EMS professionals and health care providers. 

Participants will learn to:

  • Assess patients
  • Respond to childbirth scenarios
  • Address airway and breathing emergencies, including training on ventilation devices and oxygen
  • Respond to cardiac emergencies, including CPR and automated external defibrillation training
  • Treat illness and injury, including medical emergencies, such as bleeding and shock, soft-tissue injuries, and muscle, bone, head and spinal injuries
  • Perform remote-location first aid and EMS Operations

EMT & Instructor

Kiya Beard, a nationally registered certified EMT and American Heart Association, ASHI, American Red Cross and NSC Instructor, helps businesses, communities, schools and individuals host classes to promote public safety and secure certifications to meet Indiana State requirements.